The core program is the Innovate-A-thon workshop.

An Innovate-A-thon is a set of four complementary stages for creating something new and better: 1] Identify relevant issues; 2] Ideate potential concepts; 3] Improve and iterate the better propositions; 4] Implement a chosen approach. Market research validates the concept is new and better than what already exists: an Innovation!

There are a variety of possible formats for an Innovate-A-thon.  One model is allocating 10-15 hours in two sessions spaced a week apart with 12 participants in 4 teams. A certified Innovate-A-thon mentor keeps the team focused, productive, and the process on-track. A panel of reviewer evaluates proposals from each team.

An Innovate-A-thon program can be custom-structured to fit the needs of a particular organization or sponsor, as well as at a variety of instructional and participation levels.

Innovate-A-thon creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship principles have been consistently proven to be productive in a variety of companies, business development groups, nonprofit associations, colleges and universities (the University of Arizona, Boise State University, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y TecnologĂ­a, Arizona State University, University of Oregon, University of Washington, and others).