The vision for LLC ( for short) is to "help make a bit of the world a bit better" through applied innovation education programs, services, and resources. is a "collaboratory" ... a collaboration laboratory.  We tailor our creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship resources, events, programs, and services to support individuals and organizations making their something(s) new and better for their part of the world. is also an LLC (limited liability company) in Arizona and an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

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One of our core programs is the Innovate-A-thon.

An Innovate-A-thon is a series of complementary collaborative group activities for creating something new and better ... an innovation!

An Innovate-A-thon typically has a team of participants collaborating to reach a specific goal in a predetermined period of time.  An independent, neutral facilitator/leader keeps the team focused, productive, and the process on-track and on-time.

Innovate-A-thon creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship principles have continually proven productive in a variety of companies, business development groups, nonprofit associations, universities, and other organizations.

An Innovate-A-thon program can be custom-structured to fit the needs of a particular organization or company, as well as at a variety of instructional and participation levels.  

More information: 

Book ... 5280 TIPS for INNOVATORS and ENTREPRENEURS: From Startup to Stable

Over 5280 short, sweet, right-to-the-point tips, tools, and rules of thumb for innovators and entrepreneurs building a new business venture, from the fuzzy front-end to a startup to a stable company. A starting point for new entrepreneurs, a review for experienced serial innovators, a checklist of the elements that should be addressed in a new venture startup plan, words of encouragement and experience when the going gets tough. Based on the author's personal experience creating ventures that generated over several billion dollars lifetime revenue, and working with 200+ new venture development teams.

5280 TIPS for INNOVATORS and ENTREPRENEURS: From Startup to Stable ... Here it is on Amazon

Innovation Impact Mindmap

The Innovation Impact Mindmap started on an office whiteboard at the University of Arizona as a schematic outline of the syllabus for an entrepreneurship program.  

A syllabus is sequential, but the innovation and entrepreneurship processes usually are not.  They bounce around a bit, from here to there and round again. 

The mindmap showed the "big picture" of what was being covered in class, and to point out that the way of "getting there" wasn't necessarily the same for everyone.

Think of it as a checklist of the sights you might want to visit on your Innovate-A-thon venture adventure. The "main highway" on the Mindmap is the venture mission statement (the critical success factor for a sustainable venture) ... it's highlighted in yellow. 

High-definition downloadable versions are HERE (click and you'll see!).

Thank you, UArizona

The group was pleased to host four outstanding University of Arizona students as interns in the summer of 2022, applying Innovate-A-thon concepts to the development of several new concepts. Thank you, UArizona Student Engagement and Career Development (SECD), for connecting with DAFNE, HAILEE, ISABEL, and NATALY! Core Curriculum Elements

Core elements of the innovation and entrepreneurship programs ...

  • Issues ... what are the problems and opportunities being addressed; who is going to participate in the program activities?
  • Ideation ... how could the problem/opportunity be resolved?
  • Innovation ... how is our solution better than the competition for our particular target market?
  • Impact ... how can we put our innovative solution to work? Program Formats

Typical Education2Success program formats include ...

  • Overviews ... hour-long introduction to programs
  • Seminars ... 2 to 5 hour programs customized to fit the needs of the audience
  • Workshops ... 1/2 to 3 day programs customized to participant goals and objectives
  • Collaboratories ... extended team activities to promote collaboration and cooperation Material

Core material includes ...

  • Mindmaps ... outlines of the core elements being addressed in a particular program
  • Greensheets ... activities, worksheets, and exercises for program participants
  • Guidebooks ... core material used in a particular program
  • Websites ... private online references for program participants
  • Material ... sample material at Program Examples

Some typical programs, seminars, workshops, and events ...

  • Innovate-A-thon
  • Competitive Creativity
  • Basics of Business for Scientists and Engineers
  • Rules of Some for Innovators and Entrepreneurs
  • How to Create Successful New Products
  • How to Create Successful New Services
  • How to Think Like an Innovator and Entrepreneur
  • How to Create a Successful New Business Plan
  • Summer Camp for Makers and Shakers
  • Other programs customized to fit the needs of the sponsoring organization. For example, one company wanted their engineers to "think entrepreneurially" and create business proposals in additional to engineering proposals.  Another organization wanted their scientists and researchers to better understand "the language of business".  Another company wanted their finance team to better understand the trials and tribulations of innovation. Clients

A sampling of clients include ...

  • Non-Profit Organizations ... looking for innovative ways to serve their clientele. 
  • Corporations ... looking for new and better products, services, processes, methods, and for new ways to stimulate and challenge their associates
  • Teams ... looking for collaborative ways of solving problems and working better together.
  • Universities and Colleges, and high schools ... sponsored Innovate-A-thon programs with cash scholarships for participants Partial Pedigree programs are continuing to be developed in collaboration with teams at ...

  • University of Arizona
  • Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y TecnologĂ­a
  • The Ohio State University 
  • University of Wisconsin