The vision for LLC ( for short) is to "help make a bit of the world a bit better" through applied innovation education programs, services, and resources. is a "collaboratory" ... a collaboration laboratory.  We tailor our creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship resources, events, programs, and services to support individuals and organizations making something(s) new and better for their part of the world. is an LLC (limited liability company) in Arizona and an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

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One of our core educational programs is the Innovate-A-thon.

An Innovate-A-thon is a series of complementary collaborative group activities for creating something new and better ... an innovation!

An Innovate-A-thon typically has a team of participants collaborating to reach a specific goal in a predetermined period of time.  An independent, neutral facilitator/leader keeps the team focused, productive, and the process on-track and on-time.

Innovate-A-thon creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship principles have continually proven productive in a variety of companies, business development groups, nonprofit associations, universities, and other organizations.

An Innovate-A-thon program can be custom-structured to fit the needs of a particular organization or sponsor, as well as at a variety of instructional and participation levels.  

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